Dr. Life LX7 Air Compression Therapy Foot Massager ProductCode: 4938

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Doctor Life
Digital Compression System
Approved by FDA and ISO

Approved by FDA and ISO
-Air compression leg massager
calms tired legs and simulates the pumping action of exercise.
-Leg massager's chamber inflate and deflate
to softly and gently massage away swelling,
stiffness and sore muscles.
-Air compression improves lower-body circulation
and helps encourage blood flow.
-Easy to adjust thigh hook and loop closures for a custom fit.
-Ideal for people with diabetes or limited mobility.
-Electric, UL listed. Requires four AA batteries, not included.
Made in Korea
System Features
- Automatic Operation Button
- Soft Touch Screen Pad Controllers
- Treatment Modes: Massage Mode and Blood Circulation Mode
- Optional Care Buttons: Foot, Calf, Knee, Thigh
- Precise Compression by a Digital Pressure Sensor
- Digital Pressure Intensity Indication
- Pressure Range: 20~250mmHg
- Time Range: 10, 20, 30 minutes
- Size: 20 x 30 inches
- Weight: 4.85 lbs
- Power consumption: 50VA
- Power source: 110Vac, 50/60Hz
Large Leg Cuffs = Mid-calf about 16 inches
top thigh about 24 inches.
X-Large Leg Cuffs = Mid-calf about 20 inches
top thigh about 30 inches.