Health Mate Cedar Full Body Infrared Sauna ProductCode: 4744

  • $3,999.00


Western Red Cedar
  • Low-EMF Tecoloy Heaters
  • LED Color Light Panel
  • Powered Speakers
  • AUX Input & Bluetooth Capability
  • Enhance your health with this safe and effective sauna!

    Your body is exposed to toxins in the air every day. These harmful deposits clog the pores of the skin and can create a dull, rough, and uneven appearance, and that is only the beginning. Overcoming these health woes has never been easier with the Health Mate Cedar Full Body Infrared Sauna. This sauna safely supports purification of the skin, weight loss, blood circulation, and muscle relaxation; it can even help build up your immunity!

    Infrared Heat Technology

    This is the perfect unit for any home and is designed to comfortably fit one person. This patented State-of-the-Art Tecoloy Infrared Heater is the only UL-approved heater in the world that is proven to be more effective and durable than any other infrared heater in the industry.


    Unlike other cheaper, low-quality saunas, this Health Mate sauna is made of durable Canadian Western Red Cedar wood that does not warp or shrink over time. Cedar is anti-microbial and non-toxic, making it resistant to insects and decay. This sauna is eco-certified and is the only one in the market to promise safe, non-toxic materials from its carefully selected materials down to the finished product.


    Assembly is quick and easy with the Click-Lock system which snaps panels together; virtually no tools required! Added features include a fully-equipped sound system, safe LED light therapy, ergonomic seating, a touch-sensitive control panel, a timer function to prevent overheating, and much more.

    Invest in your health and improve your life with this therapeutic sauna