NEMO Shower Head ProductCode: 4711

  • $79.99
  • NEMO KOREA High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head with Hose & Holder



  • KOREA’S BEST HIGH PRESSURE SHOWER HEAD ~ From South Korea to Japan, the patented NEMO Showerhead is well-known to be the Best High Pressure Shower Head due to its revolutionary design of the sprayer wand and shower jets. Now it’s available in the United States!
  • NEMO’S IONIC SPRAY: THE BEST IN THE BIZ ~ If you have low water pressure or just want some insane pressure boosting, the NEMO Ionic Spray delivers. Starting with an ultra-thin aluminum alloy spray face, hundreds of nozzles are laser cut to create a surface that highly pressurizes the water without increasing your water bill.
  • EASILY SELECT FROM 4 UNIQUE SPRAY FUNCTIONS ~ Simply rotate the Handshower 90 degrees to adjust from one of the 4 sprayers: Ionic, Rainfall, Massage and Mist.
  • BUILT-IN CERAMIC WATER FILTER - Within the handle are special Ceramic Stones for filtering out dirt, rust, debris, giving you cleaner water that will nourish your skin and hair.
  • 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ~ You just have to try this shower head. Give it a go for 90-days and if you don't think it's the best shower head you've ever used, get your money back! [COMPLETE SET] SHOWER HEAD WITH HOSE & BRACKET ~ You’ll receive everything you need to upgrade your shower in minutes, including: The Handheld Showerhead, 60 Inch Metal Shower Hose, Shower Arm Mount, Teflon Tape, Rubber Washers and Installation Instructions.

Introducing the NEMO Hand Held Shower Head ~ Korea’s Highly Acclaimed High Pressure Shower Head As Seen On QVC!


When it comes to the Best Shower Heads, High Pressure is the feature that makes all the difference. For over 5 years, NEMO has been blowing customers away with its High Pressure, Ionic Spray Settings and Easy of Use. Now, it’s available in the USA!

Key Features & Benefits:

- Highest Pressure - Perfect to increase water pressure, even for households with low pressure.
- 360 Degree Rotating Head - Easily change spray settings with a twist.
- Multi Function Showerhead – Features 4 unique sprays
- Ionic Spray Setting – Super fine spray makes for the perfect showering R&R.
- Ceramic Water Filter - Removes rust and debris.

4 Unique Spray Functions

- Front Side: Ionic Spray – The patented Stainless Steel Watering Plate creates 480,000 anions per 1cc of water, making for a super soft stream of water just like silk.
- Right Side : Massage Spray - Provides a concentrated spray to loosen up those tight muscles or get shampoo out of really thick hair.
- Left Side : Mist Spray – One of the lightest sprays you’ll find, this is perfect to just cool off on a hot day or for kids with real sensitive skin.
- Back Side : Rainfall Shower – Combines the wide coverage of a Rain Shower Head with an industry leading pressure that you’d find in your finest hotels – making for that oh-so satisfying experience.

Universal Size Makes For Easy Installation!

The NEMO Shower Head comes with the Hand Held Shower Head Only. For those with existing Handshowers, simply unscrew your old Showerhead from the Hose and reattach the NEMO. For those newly upgrading to a Handheld Showerhead, you will need to buy any Shower Hose and Holder Bracket separately.

Now It’s Time To Experience The NEMO Shower Head For Yourself And Find Your Showering Bliss!