Cornus Fruit 1000 Premium ProductCode: 4415

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Content    : 1 Box (4g x 60 pouches)

Dose and method
2~3times daily, 1 pack(4g)with water at a time before and after meals

Characteristic of the Product
of the Product: Product that 87.45% of Cornus, arginine acid and zinc oxide are added.

Sansuyoo (cornelian cherry, domestic product) Powder 57.45%, Sansuyoo Concentrate (over 40brix, domestic product) 30%, Arginine 12.5%, Zinc Oxide 0.05%

Who needs to intake?
• Male adults who want helps to maintain the vitality
• Male adults who can’t recover from everyday accumulated fatigue.
• Office workers who are exhausted due to heavy work, drinking and smoking.

①Avoid direct sun exposure. Keep it refrigerated or in cooler places.
②Gently tap on the packaging a few times before intake.
③ The specific patient who have idiosyncrasy, cure disease and the pregnant woman in case occasionally according to individual the possibility of showing oversensitiveness. Please confirm the materials before intake.

The pulp is full-filled since it grew on a fresh, natural environment and we used fruits with strong

acidity , which means higher value. All was extracted from an advanced facility to help you have a hearty


In November, Jeollanam-do Gurye Sandong village gets busy with the red cornus fruit. The fruit that

looks like it's going to pop with just a touch covers the whole mountain. This cornus fruit is not only for

reviving men's health, but also his pride. <Cornus Fruit Juice> is perfect for blowing some energy into a

drooping mind and body.

Only used high quality cornus fruit.

Men's excellent source cornus fruit, you can tell just by drinking one pack.