3 Year-old Ganghwa Mugwort Juice ProductCode: 4741

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  • The wormwood of wormwoods, Korea's Ganghwa MugWort Juice which is matured for 3 years!

    Named after its lion's paw shaped leaf. A Korean Specialty

    Increased scoparone content through maturing the wormwood for three years

    Scoparone is helpful for liver disease, high and low blood pressure.



Content    : 450g (45g x 10ea)
Dose and method
Serve it according to your preference.
Characteristic of the Product
The product includes 3 year old Ganghwa mugwort which is good for women, Korean adzuki beans dregs, and fructooligosaccharide.
Chilbok adzuki beans dregs[adzuki beans(domestic), organic sugar, rice grain syrup], fructooligosaccharide, white sugar, 3 year-old Ganghwa mugwort concentrate 1% (solid 60% over, Ganghwa), purple sweet potato concentrate (Brix 65% over, Korean), Honey (Korea), licorice concentrate, Korean angelica root concentrate, rehmannia glutinosa concentrate
Who needs to intake?
• For whom wants to conveniently complement energies when he or she does exercises like hiking, and marathon.
①Avoid direct sun exposure. Keep it refrigerated or in cooler places.
② Serve it right away after opening or seel it up and keep refrigerated.