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Pomegranate contains estrogen that is human's sex hormone and acerbity and is sweetish and is very strong.

Climate is hot and Iran pomegranate keeps the superlative quality because taste and improves though grow in the climatic condition that the long summer is continued.

Pomegranate is irregular a monthly period or encourages climacteric's woman, melancholia decrease by menopausal disorder and languor control, the elastic force of skin and helps in hypo-amnesia and emotional stabilization.


Secret for Women Healthy - Each grain of the pomegranate is filled with flavor and nutrition, with only strong pomegranates that are likely to pop and taste sweet and sour at any time.

Dark pomegranates for beautiful women, why so special!

Sweet and Sour Taste with Nutrition!
Only strong pomegranates of good quality can be selected to taste and nourish the pomegranate itself.

Refreshing with Vitamin C!
Add vitamin C to strong pomegranate to recharge your fresh energy.

Pomegranate, full of taste and nutrition!
Pomegranates have long been called the fruit of life, the fruit of wisdom, and are considered valuable in ancient Persia, and are rich in vegetable estrogen, vitamins, and mineral, making them a beautiful fruit for women.

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  • Every woman who wants beauty and health
  • Who needs fresh energy in his daily life?
  • an office worker who is always tired of overwork.
  • Looking for a delicious healthy drink

    Product Name: Pomegranate Extract
    Product Type: Extract Juice
    Size: 100 ml x 60 packs
    Direction: 2~3 packs per day, before or after the meal