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Better together, Chunho N Care Balloonflower and Pear Juice
I heard Balloonflower is good for the throat, Pear is good too? 

Which one should I take? Don't worry anymore!
Chunho N Care's Balloonflower and Pear Juice retain all of the Balloonflower's effects and removes its bitter taste by adding pear and ginkgo concentrate. As a result, we have a product great for a sore and dry throat.
  • For sore throat before an important presentation
  • For voice recovery before the lecture
On the cold, I remember mother's 'BaeSook.'
Back in the day when kids were having a runny nose, mothers would carve the pear from the inside output balloonflower, jujube, and honey inside empty pear and steam it. It is called 'BaeSook'

Made with rich balloonflower, keeping all of the balloonflower's effect. You can enjoy Balloonflower, Pear, and Ginkgo all together. It is also great for kids who don't like the bitter taste.

It made with 100% Korean Balloonflower grown in excellent soil, Chunho N Care's Balloonflower and Pear juice helps you take care of your throat without difficulties
Balloonflower, pear, and ginkgo's fantastic rendezvous

Balloonflower and pear are thicker and sweeter together!

Pear and ginkgo makes Balloonflower taste better

Balloonflower contains 460mg of potassium, 390mg of calcium, 12mg of vitamin C, 34mg of phosphorus, and 1/5mg of iron per 100g. It is an alkaline food with an ample amount of calcium, phosphorus, and iron that works great for a sore and dry throat.

Especially, saponin in balloonflower calms the throat and protects it

Pear contains Vitamin B and C which lowers the body temperature. Pear is helpful to health because it is alkaline like balloonflower.

Also, pear's sweet flavor balances the balloon flower's bitter flavor out.

Ginkgo contains 156mg of phosphorus, 1.10mg of iron, and 578mg of potassium per 100g. 

Especially, Ginko plant which contained in ginkgo improves circulation.
Daily intake of 2 - 3 times, with a pack for either before or after a meal. Depending on preferences, serve it chilled for better taste.
We recommend this product to
  • People with a sore and dry throat
  • People who know that balloonflower is good but don't like its bitter taste
  • People who cough during cold days
  • People who use their voice a lot
  • Heavy smokers who are concerned with their health