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100% Korean Cornus 

Use 100% Korean Cornus Fruit that is grown in a high-quality natural environment and has a lot of pulp.

Contains 86.5% of Cornus per Box

Made thicker extract, contains 86.5% of precious Cornus Fruit extracts (dry fruit 0.15g/ grain)

Add Bokbunja (Korean Raspberry), Zinc, and Vitamin

Add Bokbunja to promote male sexual stamina, with Zinc and Vitamin giving you energy.

What is Cornus Fruit?

  • Cornus Fruit is a representative spring tree that grows in sunny places and has a tendency to be intolerable to pollution.
  • Cornus Fruit turning red that characterized by a slight sweetness and sourness in August-October

What is Lespedeza (Bush Clover)?

  • known as a healthy traditional ingredient, also called Sericea Lespedeza or Bush Clover, drink as tea or alcohol.

Daily intake of 2 - 3 times, with a pack for either before or after a meal. Depending on preferences, serve it chilled for better taste.


Recommend to

  • Who has been lethargic all-day
  • Who wants to energize the tired body and mind
  • Who wants to taste the natural taste of Cornus Fruit