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Nurieye-5800, The Dry Eyes Solution

Nurieye-5800 is a K-FDA approved medical device designed to ease your dry eyes.

Medical Device from Korea Nurieye-5800

K-FDA Approved medical device for curing dry eye syndrome (medical vibrator)
Approved by K-Ministry of Health and Welfare for new medical technology

FDA registered/Japanese medical device manufacturer registered
SCI Journal BJO published thesis

Dry Eye Syndrome

What is dry eye syndrome? dry eyes/tears coming out/itchy eyes/sandy eyes/stiff eyes are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. It is a rapidly growing condition caused by over 10 hours of daily usage of computer and smartphone usage, air pollusion, dust, and many other natural influence that clog the lachrymal gland and block the proper flow of tears in the process. If tears don't flow and stay in your eyes, it gets hardened and causes dry eye syndrome that can lead to cataract, headache, and red eyes

Key Features

1. 15 different modes of vibrating massage.

2. Refreshing air pressure massage.

3. Heat massage.

4. Convenient LCD controller.

5. Battery and AC adapter powered.

How to use

1. Put massage sheet on the product.

2. Bring the product in front of your face.

3. Attach it on your face.

4. Adjust the head strap and stick together with Velcro.

5. Press On/Off button on the controller.

6. Choose your desired modes.

7. Automatic function for 15 minutes.