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 3 Day's Promise PLUS +


Push them out and Activate your intestines with Plantago Seed and Aloe Vera!

Protect your intestines with a Lactic Ferment and Vegetable Extract!

CONSTIPATION, the hardest problem at home, at work, and outdoors!


Escape from TOXIN / Escape from Constipation / Escape from Obesity



NEW and Improved 3 Day's Promise PLUS +


Double IMPACT on constipation and Weight Loss!

Good for busy modern man's intestinal health, 3 Day's Promise PLUS +


  • Psyllium Husk - It is known as plantain seed, and by absorbing moisture, it expands 40 times and stimulates the bowel which as a result helps with fecal activity
  • Aloe Arborescens - Activate colorectal mucus while increasing moisture to help the colon to perform self-coordinated exercises to facilitate bowel movements
  • Seven Fermented Grains - Fermentation increases the rate of digestion and increases intestinal exercise due to vegetable fibers
    • Brown Rice
    • Sweet Rice
    • Job's tears
    • Barley
    • Soybean
    • wheat
    • Rice Bran
  • Turmeric - Facilitate blood circulation and increase stomach and intestinal activity
  • Thistle - Protecting the liver, especially to help discharge waste
  • Saururus Chinensis - Filtering out bodily waste
  • Houttuynia - Removing harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract
  • Lactobacillus - Organic acid secretion of probiotics and intestinal restraining harmful microbial growth, and sterilization, by promoting the hall by the agency (probiotics) the lactic ferment growth and immune system increase


How to see the effect in three days! 
 -  It is better to take with warm water before a meal or on empty stomachs. 

Recommend to

  • Those who suffer constipation
  • Those who fail to lose weight
  • People with irregular diet
  • People  with a gassy and bloated stomach     
  • People  who cannot have relieving defecation