Black Garlic Premium ProductCode: 3652

  • $150.00
  • It contains 100% pure Korean garlic without any additives. We minimized the nutrition damage by extracting and concentration through enzyme decomposition after maturing for 1 month under constant temperature and moisture. There is no unique spicy taste and scent of garlic so that everybody can enjoy it regardless of age and gender.

    It is recommended to people who have chronic fatigue and stress, easily catch a cold or sensitive to smell and taste.
    Product Name: Black Garic Premium
    Product Type: Extract Juice
    Size: 80ml X 60 packs
    Ingredients: Black garlic Premium extract (Brix +15%, 100% Korean Garlic)
    Direction: 2~3 packs per day, before or after a meal
    Manufacturer: Chunho food Co., Ltd.



Garlic content UP! More Mellow Flavor!

Black Garlic 100 Premium Juice


What is Black Garlic 100 Premium Juice?

  1. Made with 100% Korean Black Garlic by Vacuum Concentration after extraction by pure water.
  2. No other additives are contained in the Black garlic extract.
  3. Black garlic extract contains S-allyl-cysteine and mineral components of the beneficial nutrients of Garlic.

More Garlic active ingredient and Smoother Flavor

If you want High-Quality Black Garlic Extract, Black Garlic 100 Premiums is the one!

After ripening Garlic with consistent temperature and humidity, Garlic extract through degradation of the enzyme minimized the destruction of nutrients by low-temperature vacuum evaporator. Thre are no unique spicy and aroma of garlic that makes anyone intake without distinction of sex or age.


It becomes more delicious

Black Garlic 100 Premium Juice help you such as:

  • Have often wine and dine with authorization as  business
  • Have often eating meat
  • Have a lot of stress at work or at home
  • Want to play leading an active lifestyle  for age and sex
  • Very sensitive on the garlic smell.


Daily intake of 2 - 3 times, with a pack for either before or after a meal. Depending on preferences, serve it chilled for better taste.


[Small Knowledge] GARLIC

  • Garlic - Raw garlic has a characteristic pungent and spicy flavor, but the feature has a sweet taste if applied heat or grill to decrease hot spicy flavor.
  • Black Garlic - Garlic of ivory white change into dark and vivid black and garlic's pungent aroma decrease and sweet and syrupy flavor increase more by going through the ripening process of a certain period of time by at constant temperature and humidity.


No SMELL of Garlic

It can take in the enjoyment by the decrease of uniqueness of the displeasure of garlic reeked on the breath because volatile sulfur compound decreases at the ripening process.


Black garlic extract [Brix60% over, Black garlic (Korea)]25.7%, Purified water